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Monday, April 16, 2018

April 16-20

4/16   Share SAT #4 notes- due Tuesday; The Wave ch. 3 and 4 – discuss Mr. Ross’ characterization; read up to page 36 together
HW- take notes on SAT #4
4/17   Read in IR books; Check SAT #4 notes and review; Periods ½-The Wave- read up to page 54; Period 7- finish reading chapter 5 and 6. HW- narrative due Friday
             4/18   Discuss Unity, Discipline, conflict with Laurie’s mom; read from 54-74- what
            conflicts are starting and who is benefitting from being a part of The Wave?
Begin SAT Narrative writing- setting, conflict, characters;
HW- narrative
4/19   Begin reading            74-93 together; handout written response; work on narratives; read in IR books   HW-Narrative
            4/20               review passages from Thursday; read 94-115; finish narratives- post by 2:45

April 9-13

4/9     Read in IR books ; SAT #4 Context clue assignment;
 IR Essay #4- continue drafting
4/10   Read 10 min. in IR #5; introducing/explaining quotes, transitions (research handout); finish writing
4/11   Peer edit- label best, explain why; label weakest- explain why- exchange papers
4/12   Read 10 minutes; review SAT #4 context clues; begin The Wave-Intro- answer questions; discuss answers; handout books; read Chapter 1.        
            HW- IR #4 final draft due Friday by 2:45
4/13   Read chapter 2; handout Ch. 1 and 2 work- quotations, conflicts- hand in; read chapters 3 and 4; Hand in IR essays by 2:45

Monday, March 19, 2018

March 19-23

3/19   GLOBISH- Animal Farm film (no time to read); 
         HW- IR Book #4 due Wednesday
3/20   SAT #3 vocab quiz; read 10 minutes; lessons and themes of Animal Farm; annotate lyrics to song
HW- annotate lyrics; finish reading IR Book #4

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

March 12-16

3/12   GLOBISH- Read 10 minutes; review flag homework; discuss chapter 4,
            read 5, post and read chapter 6 for HW                
HW- read chapter 6, bring poem with lyrics to class on Wednesday
3/13   GLOBISH- Read 10 minutes; chapter 6 quiz; discuss conflicts; read 7, post and read chapter 8  
HW- bring poem with lyrics to class on Wednesday
3/14   Read 10 minutes; Written response for chapter 8; bring poem with lyrics to class, annotate and share; HW- none         
3/15   GLOBISH- Read 10 minutes; read 9, post and read 10- discuss
3/16   No classes- Conference Day