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Monday, December 11, 2017

December 11-15

12/11 Read in IR book; Post narrative to blog; introduce This I Believe; complete What Do You Think? (agree/disagree handout)- discuss;

12/12 Read in IR book; discuss “What Do You Think”- and agree to disagree; brainstorm some ideals that you believe in; Introduce This I Believe program and let students listen/read three and complete the handout; semicolon quiz;

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

December 4-8

12/4   Peer edit drafts; Make any changes necessary to IR #2 essay;
12/5   Printed paper due by 2:45; report out IR books- go to LMC for new book; check in with me; HW- read in new IR book
12/6   Read in IR book; introduce Cornell Note Taking format- YouTube video; introduce SAT #1 and begin- notes due Thursday ; HW SAT #1 notes
12/7   Read in IR book; semicolon mini lesson; check and review SAT notes- grade; introduce SAT narrative;

12/8   Read in IR book; draft narratives: must include context clues, capitalize SAT word; google doc HW- finish narrative

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

November 27-December 1

11/27 Read 10 minutes in IR book; Macbeth Presentations;
11/28 GLOBISH- 10 minute read; “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” handout /discussion; short lecture on textual evidence- complete section 3, review; BREAK- post break we will watch YouTube Video on French Revolution; watch film;
11/29 GLOBISH: Film 35 min, section 4 notes; tweet; Introduce IR ESSAY- read last essay, make list of things to change; handout theme development, begin drafting.
11/30 IR Assignment; Hand back papers; HW- IR draft due in class tomorrow

12/1   Work on IR essay; draft due Monday; final due Tuesday

Monday, November 20, 2017

November 20 & 21

11/20 GLOBISH: Read 10 minutes in IR book; Macbeth Presentations; Estates General handout and discuss; Section 2 notes; movie for 13 minutes;
11/21 Read 10 minutes in IR book; Macbeth Presentations; hand back papers;

Have a great Thanksgiving break with your families and friends!

Don’t forget to read!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November 13-17

11/13 Read 10 minutes; handout IR assignment and begin; review Macbeth
proposals and talk about rubric, dates…
11/14 Read 10 minutes; collect IR assignment; complete rubric together for project/presentation; HW- Macbeth final projects 11/20,11/21, 11/27
11/15 GLOBISH- read 10 minutes; Mary Wollstonecraft and William Wilberforce- research connect to the Enlightenment- complete connections on handout- discuss; HW- Macbeth project
11/16 Read 10 minutes in IR book; hand back IR Essays; complete context clue assignment for SAT #1; HW – work on Macbeth Project

11/17 GLOBISH- Read 10 minutes; Take notes on Section 1 of French Revolution; watch part of the film up to Storming of Bastille; take notes on Section 2 using textual evidence  HW- Macbeth Final Project