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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

December 17-20

12/17 Read in IR books- 10 minutes; Block 1- narrow NGO to one and register with us; block 2- name of NGO- NO TED- introduce research questions
12/18 Read in IR books- 10 minutes; Block 1- Mr. Bosworth will put up research questions from yesterday, add a few more, hand out NYT article on the Wounded Warriors Project and give directions for annotating anything that answers any of the research questions- highlight and label; Purpose- why did we do this?   Ms. P will help them sign into the New York Times; Ms. P will walk them through how to search efficiently; Block 2- 10 minutes to research; Kaitlin will introduce NoodleTools; walk them through it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

December 10-14

12/10 Read in IR books- 10 minutes; SAT story directions; This I believe- Agree/Disagree statements- discuss; how far did you get with sub on Friday? Go back and read/listen to 3 total;  HW- copy/ paste SAT story to class doc, write YES by your name if I can post your grade there or EMAIL, if you would like me to email you your grade
12/11 Read in IR books- 10 minutes; finish Agree/Disagree discussion; read listen to 2/3 beliefs stories; explain program; HW-
12/12  Read in IR books- 10 minutes; discuss the stories you read- beliefs, and stories to support; Read one more; Brainstorm beliefs, narrow, handout assignment; HW- come to class with belief and story in your mind and ready to type.
12/13 Read in IR books- 10 minutes; type of draft- self edit; HW- final draft
12/14 Meet in the LMC; read 10 minutes; handout folders and assignment- read assignment to yourself; then we will read aloud and discuss- Enduring Issues- discuss examples; Introduce and explain what an NGO is- provide examples; Begin pre research- 20 min- Kaitlin introduce website- explore that for 20 minutes

Monday, December 10, 2018

Dec. 3-7

12/3   Hand back Macbeth project/presentation rubrics; finish editing IR #2 and hand in; finish SAT #1 notes; HW- SAT #1 notes
12/4   Meet in LMC- book talk and get new IR books
12/5   Read in IR books 10 minutes; review SAT #1 notes; writing assignment- short story or poetry using terms AND context clues- google doc to be shared with everyone in class- due Friday; begin writing
12/6   Read in IR books 10 minutes; This I Believe- agree or disagree; draft short story;
            IR Halfway 12/20; finished 1/18
12/7   SUB: Read in IR books 10 minutes; finish SAT short story and share with me; continue reading and listening to This I Believe- summarize 3 you did; start brainstorming ideas for your essay

Friday, November 30, 2018

Nov. 26-30

11/26 Read IR books- 10 minutes; Macbeth reflection; Introduce SAT #1 and Cornell notes format; complete 1-3;          HW- finish IR books
11/27 Cornel Notes Format; SAT #1 notes; IR Books due- Handout IR Essay #2- Thesis development, identify 2 elements
11/28 SAT notes complete 4-6; Identify 4 quotes and complete assignment;
11/29 Finish quotation assignment and begin typing draft;
HW- draft due in class on Friday.
11/30 Peer edit; fix errors, get help from me; final printed paper due
Monday by 2:45

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Nov. 19 & 20

11/19 GLOBISH- Read 10 minutes; French revolution parts 2 and 3- textual evidence assignment, complete, review, and watch the film
11/20 GLOBISH- read 10 minutes; review Part 3 and discuss, watch the film, hand back IR Halfway assignment; HW- read IR books due Tuesday 11/23

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov. 11-16

11/13 Macbeth Presentations – questions, compliments and suggestions to make better; read in IR Books; complete IR Halfway and hand in.
11/14 Macbeth Presentations- questions, compliments and suggestions to make better; read in IR Books;
11/15 AM ONLY        Finish presentations; read in IR books

Nov. 5-9

11/5   Globish Enlightenment: Read in IR books for 10 minutes; Introduce charts in Google classroom- watch 2 videos for each person from YouTube and fill out the chart with the correct information; go to your YouTube Playlist (if you don’t have one, make one); model YouTube playlist (Brandon already modeled)- they need two for each enlightened thinker- 8 videos total; copy and paste links into Google classroom assignment; PURPOSE- enduring issue that creates continuity and change over time, using engaging technology to learn about the enlightenment;
HW- finish for HW, ½ way Friday, Nov 9

11/6   Gobish Enlightenment: Read in IR books for 10 minutes; As a class, review charts- Brandon will conduct class, I’ll type, kids fix their errors on charts; Apply knowledge of enlightened thinkers- in groups choose one document American and Democratic Republic of Vietnam Declarations of Independence- identify influences of 3 different enlightened thinkers; share with partner, underline, label; Google Doc- write a concluding sentence per thinker to state opinion re relevance of thinker’s ideas today, share with us.
½ way Friday, Nov 9
11/7   Read in IR Books; hand back IR Essays- revisions and original copies with rubric due by Thursday at 2:45; work on edits today in class; work on Macbeth final projects;  sign up for presentations
½ way Friday, Nov 9
11/8   GLOBISH- read 10 minutes; Mary Wollstonecraft and William Wilberforce-
            research connect to the Enlightenment- complete connections on handout-
discuss; HW- Macbeth project, ½ way Friday, Nov 9
11/9   GLOBISH- Read 10 minutes; Take notes on Section 1 of French Revolution;
            watch part of the film up to Storming of Bastille; take notes on Section 2
using textual evidence  HW- Macbeth Final Project, ½ way due today- assignment due Tuesday