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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June 5-9

6/5     Handout IR Essay topics- draft paper, thesis, due on Friday; Reading Comp review poem- “On Living”;
6/6     2 Text practice; Handout SAT vocab list- write out cold- How much studying do you need to do?; work on IR Essay HW- RD due Wednesday
6/7     Macbeth questions; semicolon paperwork; IR Drafting check- intro, thesis, 4 quotes, conclusion  HW- final paper
6/8     The Wave and Animal Farm; poem “Assembly Line”; colons  HW- final paper

6/9     Hand in IR Essays; class evaluation; next year tips


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 29-June 2

5/29   No Classes
5/30   Read 10 minutes; Read through SAT blog and comment on 2 stories to prep
              for quiz on Friday; reading comp practice CC Regents August 2014
5/31   Read 10 minutes; Handout Final Exam plan; grade and
              review reading comp; handout CC June 2015 Text Analysis Response-
               read and annotate
             HW- read and annotate text (keep in mind controlling idea/ element)
6/1     Guest Speaker: Isaac Favata- Preparing for Your Junior Year (20 min); 
             Finish Text Analysis Responses- construct controlling idea, choose element;
              write in paragraph form; 
             Reading comp- Poem “On Living” – strategies, annotations, answer questions     
HW- study for quiz
6/2     Read 10 minutes; SAT #4 quiz; review reading comp; text analysis- two texts

            HW- IR book due on Monday, 6/5

Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22-26

SAT #4 YouTube Link: 

5/22   Read 10 minutes; Collect Schindler assignment; SAT #4 - context clue assignment- review; finish IR halfway;                  HW- IR Halfway 
5/23   Read 10 minutes; hand in IR Halfway; NYTimes article- nonfiction argument and claims; SAT notes from YouTube-; HW- NYTimes work, SAT notes
5/24   Read 10 minutes; review NYTimes article- purpose; No Red explore; discuss SAT notes:  review, write paragraph and post to blog
5/25   Read 10 minutes; reading comp practice CC Regents August 2014; No Red Ink;                     HW- paragraph due to blog; IR book finished by 6/5

5/26   No Classes

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May 1-5

5/1     Written response pages 17-37; hand in; Read page 37- chapter 7; 
HW- IR Project          
5/2     Presentations            HW- Get new IR book for Friday
5/3     Presentations            HW- Get new IR book for Friday
5/4     Finish Presentations; read chapters 8 and 9; 
            HW-Get new IR book for Friday's class

5/5     Read (check in) in New IR books 10 minutes; Read chapters 10-12;

Friday, April 28, 2017

April 24-28

4/24   Listen! Poetry festival- all sophs
4/25   LMC- Globish- Introduce IR project; Genocide charts       
             HW- IR Project
4/26   LMC- finish charts, work on IR projects;                             
             HW- IR Project
4/27   Intro to The Wave- answer questions; discuss answers; handout books; 
              read Chapter 1.  HW- IR Project
4/28   Read chapter 2; handout Ch. 1 and 2 work- quotations, conflicts- 
             hand in; read chapters 3 and 4 and up to page 37
             HW-IR Project

Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3-7

Bring IR book every day- due 4/25
4/3     Introduce Poetry Festival; Collect IR essays and revisions; continue work on Genocide projects 
            HW- must be halfway through IR book for class tomorrow
4/4     Globish- Genocide Project; IR Halfway Assignment- due Thursday
           HW- IR assignment
4/5     Globish- Genocide Project due by the end of the day;
           HW- IR assignment
4/6     Globish- Read 10 minutes; Hand in IR work; Ghosts of Rwanda

4/7     Globish- Read 10 minutes; Ghosts of Rwanda