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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

February 21-23

2/21   Read IR books 10 minutes; finish “Anthem”; handout graphic organizer and write controlling idea   HW- controlling idea

You should be halfway through your IR Book #4 by Friday, March 2.

Monday, February 12, 2018

February 12-16

2/12   Presentations; finish “Dulce Et Decorum Est”; analyze title of “Anthem for Doomed Youth”    HW- finish projects
2/13   Presentations; continue annotating “Anthem for Doomed Youth” (if time)
            HW- SAT #2 quiz on Thursday
2/14   Get new IR books in LMC today; begin reading;
HW- study for SAT #2 quiz
2/15   SAT #2 quiz; Read in IR books for 10 minutes; finish presentations (if needed); “Anthem”- annotate first stanza

            HW- find and label the rhyme scheme

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

February 5-9

2/5     Research Reflection- Google form; IR books due- creative project; SAT #2 note check for Period 7; narratives due to blog on Wednesday
             HW- project and narrative
2/6     Creative projects- discuss; write narratives; Read “In Flanders Fields,” listen to Leonard Cohen  and analyze                   HW- project and narrative
2/7     Finish annotation and discussion of IFF; discuss sonnet rules and label the poem; narratives due to blog;
                HW- IR #3 project
2/8     Sign up for presentations; discuss sonnet form with IFF and diction; introduce Wilfred Owen; read and listen to “Dulce et Decorum Est”-
            annotate and label rhyme scheme
            HW- IR #3 project
2/9     Review rubric for presentations on Monday/Tuesday; “Dulce”-
              annotate, label rhyme scheme, repetition, alliteration, simile and metaphor;

               HW- projects

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

January 29- February 2

1/29   Hand back RD with WC page; make changes; Upload papers to go to website and follow directions      
            Class Names: Period 1 2018         Class ID #17325082

                                     Period 2 2018                                  17325155
                                    Period 7 2018                                  17325159
Class enrollment key= sunshine
HW- upload papers; research paper due Wednesday by 2:45; IR Book due 2/5
1/30   Globish block- read through TurnItIn findings; make changes and peer edit with 2 partners; Final Paper due tomorrow;
HW- IR Book due 2/5

1/31   Read 10 minutes; Research paper with WC page due by 2:45; introduce SAT #2 context clue assignment; share SAT #2 slides and take notes complete notes

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

January 22-26

1/22   Introduce outline sections IX and X; HW- outline due tomorrow
1/23   Globish block in LMC; hand in complete outlines; handout Purdue OWL information on Plagiarizing- review common knowledge, quotations and summaries; begin to draft paper;      
1/24   Continue typing draft of paper     HW- finish typing paper
1/25   Rough Drafts done; NoodleTools accuracy- model and fix; Fix errors; go to

1/26   Read 10 minutes; print and hand in papers with WC page, so I can check your WC page and citations introducing quotations to fight the ubiquitous “Quote Bomb”- use OWL handout;