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Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20-23

Bring IR book every day- due 4/24

3/20   Read in IR books- 10 min; colon practice; review chapter 5 using 
              written responses; assign blog post/comment for chapter 6
HW- blog post /comment
3/21   Read in IR books- 10 min; colon practice; read chapter 7 
             in Animal Farm
            HW- read ch. 7
3/22   Read in IR books- 10 min; colon quiz; Chapter 7 written response; 
             read chapter 8
            HW- read chapter 8
3/23   Read in IR books- 10 min; discuss chapters 7 and 8 using written 
              responses; introduce colon rule #2- practice

3/24   Conference Day - no classes

Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 13-17 UPDATED 3/16

3/13   Finish work on IR essays; print out and hand in tomorrow by 2:45
            HW- essays
3/14   AM classes- Miranda to Present- 10 min; AM classes 2nd dates; 
             PM classes -Speed dating w/IR books; hand back semicolon quizzes; 
             read chapter 5 of Animal Farm by Thursday
            HW- read ch 5
3/15   IR Essays due today due to weather and half day of school. Please print 
           and hand in by 2:45. Check out new IR books in LMC; record titles
           with me; begin reading- IR books due in 5 weeks.
            HW- read ch. 5  SNOW DAY
3/16   IR Essays due today due to weather and snow days; Meet in LMC to get new IR books;
             read chapter 5 in Animal Farm  HW- read ch 5

3/17    Chapter 5- choose passage, write and discuss; hand back SAT #3 quizzes; Introduce the colon-             practice, quiz on Tuesday; read chapter 6 Animal Farm 
            HW- read chapter 6 in AF

Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6-10

Bring IR books all week
3/6      Read in IR book; discuss chapter 2; introduce Animal Farm blog  
HW- review for semicolon quiz
3/7     Semicolon quiz; introduce IR Essay Assignment- model, rubric, outline ideas; Thesis statement activity; HW- draft paper
3/8     Work on developing essays; read chapters 3 and 4 of Animal Farm HW- paper and reading
3/9     Work on paper; Animal Farm blog post for chapters 3 and 4- due by Friday, 2:45
           HW- essay, blog post, study for vocab.
3/10   SAT #3 Vocab quiz; work on essays; chapters 3 and 4 blog posts by 2:45

Sunday, February 26, 2017

February 27- March 3

Bring IR books all week- due March 7

2/27   Read IR 10 minutes; Introduce SAT blog and assign narrative- model expectations; narratives due Wednesday by 2:45   HW- narratives
2/28   Read IR 10 minutes; Listen to 2-3 Imperialism videos to complete
           the chart  HW- narratives
3/1     Read IR 10 minutes; Check narratives; “Don’t Be Afraid of the Semicolon”- model, notes, practice; Introduce Animal Farm- begin together
3/2     Read IR 10 minutes; semicolon work; continue Animal Farm

3/3     Read IR 10 minutes; Introduce Animal Farm Blog- choose roles; introduce AF blog
          HW- read chapter 2

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February 22-24

2/22      Globish- LMC-Introduce Imperialism Project;  HW- finish writing RD of primary source document

 2/23      Globish- LMC- Continue Imperialism project

2/24        Globish- LMC- Finish Imperialism project

Thursday, February 16, 2017