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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

November 5-9

11/5   Globish Enlightenment: Read in IR books for 10 minutes; Introduce charts in Google classroom- watch 2 videos for each person from YouTube and fill out the chart with the correct information; go to your YouTube Playlist (if you don’t have one, make one); model YouTube playlist (Brandon already modeled)- they need two for each enlightened thinker- 8 videos total; copy and paste links into Google classroom assignment; PURPOSE- enduring issue that creates continuity and change over time, using engaging technology to learn about the enlightenment;
HW- finish for HW, ½ way Friday, Nov 9

11/6   Gobish Enlightenment: Read in IR books for 10 minutes; As a class, review charts- Brandon will conduct class, I’ll type, kids fix their errors on charts; Apply knowledge of enlightened thinkers- in groups choose one document American and Democratic Republic of Vietnam Declarations of Independence- identify influences of 3 different enlightened thinkers; share with partner, underline, label; Google Doc- write a concluding sentence per thinker to state opinion re relevance of thinker’s ideas today, share with us.
½ way Friday, Nov 9
11/7   Read in IR Books; hand back IR Essays- revisions and original copies with rubric due by Thursday at 2:45; work on edits today in class; work on Macbeth final projects;  sign up for presentations
½ way Friday, Nov 9

Monday, October 29, 2018

October 29-November 2

10/29 Read in IR Books- 10 minutes; Read and listen to scenes 3,4,5;  
HW-annotate Macbeth’s speeches
10/30 Read in IR Books- 10 minutes; Discuss Macbeth’s speeches; read and listen to scenes 6,7,8- end of play;
 HW- finish handout of apparitions;
10/31 Analyze Macbeth’s speeches from Act V; watch the film
11/1   Read 10 minutes; Hand back Acts III and IV quizzes- review; Act V quiz; handout Macbeth final project ideas- discuss, what sounds good?, answer questions, do a bit of research; fill out Google form by Friday end of day  HW- decide on project
11/2   Read 10 minutes; Fill out Google form for project proposals- discuss ideas and connections to the play; Presentation dates; Read “Macbeth murder mystery” by James Thurber; 
Google form due by 2:45

Thursday, October 25, 2018

October 22-26

10/22 Macbeth Act IV, scene 1 notes; listen to scene 2, take notes and discuss; IR Essay due by 2:45. HW- bring new IR book to class if you have one; if not, we will get one on Tuesday
10/23 LMC- book share- speed dating; check out new books; begin reading
½ way Friday, Nov 9
IR #2 due Nov 27
10/24 Read IR Books- 10 minutes; finish Act IV, scene 3; begin film;
10/25 Read IR Books- 10 minutes; finish Act IV film; begin Act V
            HW- study for quiz
10/26 Act IV quiz; read IR Books- 10 minutes; Act V- scenes 1, 2, and 3, listen and notes; 
           HW- Out, Damned Spot! writing

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

October 15-19

10/15 Writing Retreat information 10/25, 10/26- names; Collect Act IV, scene 1 work; how did this work for all of you? Likes/dislikes?; introduce IR essay- textual analysis, elements, theme statement; HW- theme statement, identify quotations
10/16 Check theme statements; add two elements to write thesis; model intro paragraphs; write introductions; quotation planner; HW- identify all 4 quotes
10/17 Model and complete quotation planner; type essay;
10/18 Peer Edit papers; fix errors; final due on Monday by 2:45 HW- final essay
10/19 Conference Day- No Classes