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Monday, October 16, 2017

October 16-20

10/16 Collect Characterization work; Handout IR Assignment-how do you tackle this assignment?  Writing process?; draft due Thursday; paper due Monday
10/17 Check theme statements, model thesis, voice and show models of intro. paragraphs; HW- identify 4 quotes
10/18 Type introductions, share 4 quotes with me; mini- lesson on introducing quotations and explaining them; type paper  HW- RD due tomorrow
             10/19  Peer edit; watch Act III of Macbeth  HW- Paper due Monday by 2:45
            10/20   Conference Day- no classes

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October 9-13

10/9   Columbus Day- no classes
10/10 Read 10 minutes; Act II quiz tomorrow- what do you need to do to study?; Act III, scene 1- discussion, notes- What has happened to Macbeth?
  HW- Quiz on Wednesday, 10/11; IR books due Monday, Oct. 16
10/11 Act II quiz; listen to and take notes from Act III, scenes 2 and 3; Macbeth as a complex character textual evidence work- due Friday  
            Period 1- editing project with 3rd graders
HW- IR books due Monday, Oct. 16
10/12 Read 10 minutes; Period 1- Act III, scenes 2,3,4; Periods 2 and 7- finish scene 4 start characterization work- Act I for Lady M and M due tomorrow.

12/13 Read 10 minutes; Check Macbeth/Lady Macbeth Characterization for Act I- textual evidence work; Finish listening to Act III; complete Act II and Act II characterization work; HW- IR book due on Monday

Friday, September 29, 2017

Oct. 2-6

10/2   Read 10 minutes; Review Annotation; show; Hand back papers; review ideas for quiz- purpose? How do you study for it?; write prediction for Act II; begin studying Act II; HW- review notes for quiz
10/3   Act I quiz; Read 10 minutes; continue Act II, scenes 1 and 2; HW- read in IR book
10/4   Read 10 minutes; Finish Act II, scene 3 and handout annotations; work with a partner to annotate; check your accuracy on
10/5   Read 10 minutes; review annotations, finish the 3rd; listen to and analyze Act II, scene 4; Quiz on Wednesday, 10/11
10/6   Watch Act II- 25 minutes; Read 10 minutes;  short writing assignment- due Tuesday

             HW-IR books due Monday, October 16; Quiz on Wednesday, 10/11

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sept 25-29

9/25   Read 10 minutes; Introduce blog- purpose; write down address; review notes for Act 1 so far; continue Act 1  HW- IR Books Halfway due on Wednesday;
9/26   Read 10 minutes; Review Macbeth notes; continue studying Act 1, scenes 4,5,6 and 7; complete class notes HW- read in IR books
9/27   Handout IR Assignment- introduce, expectations, due Thursday; hand back Macbeth intro projects- review suggestions- thank you!; review Macbeth Act I so far; finish Act I HW- IR assignment
9/28   Read 10 minutes; Hand in IR Assignment; Act 1, scene 5 annotation- try yourself with a partner- then go to; complete prediction; read in IR books;
9/29   Review Annotation; Watch Act 1- make prediction